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Code of Conduct

Passenger Rights

Rights for passengers travelling by bus and coach (Reg. 181/2011)

  • non-discrimination with respect to tariffs and contract conditions for passengers based - directly or indirectly – on nationality,

  • non-discriminatory treatment of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility as well financial compensation for loss or damage of their mobility equipment in case of accident,

  • minimum rules on travel information for all passengers before and during their journey as well as general information about their rights in terminals and online; where feasible, this information shall be provided in accessible formats upon request precisely in the interest of the persons with reduced mobility,

  • a complaint handling mechanism by carriers available to all passengers,

  • independent national bodies in each Member State with the mandate to enforce the Regulation and where appropriate to impose penalties.
  • The company does not have a policy of refund for lost properties/luggages.
  • Must comply with the regulations of the IntercityBuses management team and with their work schedule.
  • Must comply with the Traffic Legislation of the Republic of Cyprus and to follow all of its rules and regulations.
  • Must wear their official uniform.
  • Must be courteous to all passengers.
  • Must stop their bus for passenger embarking and disembarking at all designated bus stops.
  • Must not drive carelessly or dangerously.
  • Must not accelerate to high speeds or to start or stop the bus abruptly.
  • Must arrive to work rested and must execute their work schedule without being under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or other psychotropic drugs.
  • Must not open the bus doors before the bus stops at the designated bus stops, or start the bus before all passengers board / disembark and all doors are closed.
  • Must not smoke inside the bus.
  • Must not use a mobile phone while driving the bus.
  • Must use their bus facilities (when available) and their help for the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers with special needs and reduced mobility.
  • Must act and behave with professionalism and comply with all company Rules and Obligations.
  • Must be willing to provide information to the public and help passengers in the best possible way.
  • Must be willing to perform any task related to their job description.    
  • Must carry out ticket inspections with courtesy and consideration.
  • Must inform passengers of their obligation to have a valid ticket with them.
  • Must display on a prominent position their badge during the inspection.
  • Must inform passengers that fail to show a valid ticket, that a fine will be imposed.
  • Must collect the fine on the spot from passengers that fail to show a valid ticket and give them a receipt.
  • Must obtain their tickets from the bus driver or other designated areas.
  • Must keep the ticket at all times during their journey and be ready to demonstrate it during an inspection by IntercityBuses inspectors and / or The Department of Road Transport inspectors. 
  • Those who are entitled to a reduced price ticket must demonstrate to the inspector their identity (for age certification) or a press proof of right for a reduced bus fare.
  • Seven day, monthly, yearly ticket holders and holders of Cypriot Social Card must have their tickets or Cypriot Social Cards with them and be ready to demonstrate them during an inspection.
  • Must be courteous to all IntercityBuses employers.
  • Must state their intention to board or disembark the bus promptly and are responsible for their personal safety during their journey and when boarding or disembarking the bus.
  • Must not distract the driver or come in front or on the side of the bus until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Must offer designated seats to people with special needs, disabled people, pregnant women, people with small children and elderly people.
  • Must not carry with them animals or birds ( animals/pets can be carried provided that they are in their cage and placed into the luggage storage area at their own responsibility.) Our company is not responsible for any incidents. Guide dogs must wear muzzle and carry an updated health book.
  • Must not carryillegal drugs, guns, explosive materials, or anything else that might put in danger their fellow passengers.
  • Passengers carrying prams or other heavy objects must not block the way to the doors or block the corridors of the bus.
  • Must enter the bus with decent clothing.
  • Must not smoke, make noise, speak on mobile phones loudly or listen to radios loudly.
  • Must not litter on the bus or cause damage on the bus or any other IntercityBuses property.
  • Must not create tensions or disputes with IntercityBuses staff
  • Must comply with all IntercityBuses staff instructions and with the Laws of the Republic of Cyprus.
IntercityBuses will not be held liable for violations in the regulations and the directives of the management or the staff of IntercityBuses by passengers.
IntercityBuses will not be held liable for violations in the laws of the Republic of Cyprus by passengers.

Passenger Obligations<<<<<<

Passengers that fail to show a valid ticket in the event of inspection, will have to pay a fine on the spot. The fine will be paid directly to the inspector and a receipt will be issued.
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4,  Kilkis, Kizis Court,
Apt.101, 6015, Larnaca
    P.O.Box 40172, 6301 Larnaca
Free Phone: 8000 77 89
Tel: +357 24 643493
  Fax:+357 24 643492


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