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Student Tickets

For buying a student ticket, a student must present a valid student card.
Any other documents will not be accepted.
50% discount of the regular tickets is given to students, with the presentation of a valid student card.


When a student card is considered to be valid:

A student card is valid, if it has the following specifications
  1. Recent photo of a valid holder.
  2. University/College Name, which has issued the card.
  3. Starting & Ending Date of the current academic year (e.g. 2016 – 2017).

Student ticket entitled to purchase:

According to the new notification of the Ministry of Transport, Communications & Works, we would like to inform you that beneficiaries of reduced fares of bus routes categories (50%) will be the students that adduce the identity of recognized Universities of Cyprus:
  1. University of Cyprus.
  2. Cyprus University of Technology.
  3. Open University of Cyprus.
  4. European University of Cyprus.
  5. Frederick University.
  6. Neapolis University.
  7. University of Central Lancashire – U.C.L.A.N.
  8. University of Nicosia.
All other students must addressed to the Youth Board of Cyprus, which is responsible for the issue of the European Youth Card for students. European Youth Card will be issued for students that they are studying in higher Education Institution of Cyprus that are recognized by SEKAP. Note that, all European Youth Cards should be accepted independently of the country in which they are issued.
Click here to see accepted card <<<<

Additional ticket regulations:

No need to pay ticket for:

  1. Children under 6 years.
  2. Cypriot Soldiers or Cypriot contracted soldiers (SYOP), by showing their military card. When they have to fulfill an alternative term they ought to bring a confirmation from the appropriate department that they serve, in which is written the ending date.
  3. Low pensioners showing a Low Pensioner’s Benefit Card
Click here to see accepted card<<<

50% discount for:

  1. Students who are holder of :
  • Valid student card from one of the 7 listed Universities, according to the Ministry of Transport, Communications & Works. (See more details at the paragraph starting “Student ticket entitled to purchase”).
  • European Youth Card (Student card) from the Youth Board of Cyprus.
  1. Children between the ages of 6 and 18, by showing their valid school card with a photo or their identity independent country of origin. (Confirmation papers are not accepted).
  2. Retired Cypriot Social Card Holders (Blue)
  3. HOLDERS OF THE EUROPEAN DISABILITY CARD, demonstrating their valid European Disability Card to the driver
Click here to see accepted card <<<

  1. ASSISTANT OF THE DISABLE PERSON, only if the person's European Disability Card is marked with "A" (Assistant).
In a case of an inspection, passengers who will not hold a valid ticket, they will pay fine on the spot.

Out tickets are sealed as follows:

Let’s suppose that today is Monday 15-05-2016.

  • In all single tickets (Regular & Student), there is a stamp with the date of the purchase. (e.g. 15-05-2016).
For example: If the ticket is bought at 15-05-2016, is valid only for one route.
  • In all daily tickets (Regular & Student) there is a stamp with the ending date (e.g. 15-05-2016).
  • In all weekly tickets (Regular &Student) there is a stamp with ending date (e.g. 21-05-2016). Weekly tickets are applicable for 7 days consecutive.
  • In all monthly tickets (Regular & Students) there is a stamp with ending date (e.g. 14-06-2016).
  • In all Annual tickets (Regular &Student) there is a stamp with ending date (e.g. 14-05-2017). Annual tickets are valid for 365 days.
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