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100% Completeness in the routes

From Monday 10/05/2021, following a decision by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, our buses will carry passengers up to 100% of their capacity.
The use of a face mask will be compulsory for all passengers and employees (regardless of age)! Passengers that do not wear a face mask will not be allowed to enter the bus!
Passengers must always use the antibacterial gel, which is available on all of our buses, to clean their hands when they enter the bus.
Passengers are advised, when possible, to maintain the proposed safety distance with other passengers and bus drivers, at bus stops, when entering the bus, during their journey and when they exit the bus.
In buses where there isn’t a box for the driver or a protective membrane that separates the driver from the passenger entrance, the seats behind the driver, as well as the first seat on the left (guide seat - when available) must remain empty.
Buses will be cleaned and disinfected regularly, always before the start of the bus service and during the day. The cleaning / disinfection will be carried out at least every four bus routes and, when possible, the cleaning / disinfection will be carried out at the end of every bus route. The cleaning / disinfection will be carried out thoroughly, especially on surfaces that are touched frequently like door handles, handles, metal surfaces, safety belts, rails, etc, using disinfectants and materials proposed by the Ministry of Health.
At every bus stop, at the end of every journey and at every break, the bus doors will remain open, as well as windows and sunroofs, if available.

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