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Information: 8000 77 89
    Winter Schedule extends until Sunday 7th of May
    Welcome to Intercity Buses of Cyprus
    Τravel to all cities of Cyprus comfort safety and low price.
    Our call center 8000 77 89 gives information daily from 08:00 to 21:00 on any subject in need of information to passengers.
    Need a Ride?
    Travel with our buses from one city to another helping to reduce pollutant emissions and air pollution
    Low Prices
    Reduce your daily expenses on fuel and maintenance of your private
    vehicle and take advantage of 50% in bus fares for
    Your daily lessons in schools
    Winter Schedule - Starts from Monday 8th of May !
    In our effort to improve our services for the Summer Season, we would like to inform our passengers that our Winter Schedule extends until Sunday 7th of May.

    Bus Schedules

    Find here the route you are interested. It is also available tables for hours and bus stops, as well as route maps for each route

    Update specific routes

    You can register the route you want and we will inform you via email or sms for hours and route changes

    Customer Service

    For information or complaints please contact the service desk of Coach
    Phone: +357 24643493 or 80007789

    Disability Assistance

    In our effort to further improve the services provided by our company, we would like to announce that we now offer a service for people who require mobility and wheelchair assistance

    Tourist Information

    If you are planning a short trip, recreational, cultural outings, family vacations or just a fun evening that will soon be the place to inquire.

    Links to Larnaca International Airport

    Frequency Bus connection with urban bus routes Zenon Phoenicians to Larnaca Airport and vice versa

    Latest News
    Here you will find the latest news on our company, daily updated
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    We would like to inform our passengers that, Finikoudes Avenue will be closed due to celebrations. Finikoudes bus stop will be out of service the following dates:  • 30th of April...
    Beginning of the new Summer Schedule on Monday 8 of...
    In our effort to improve our services for the Summer Season, we would like to inform you that the Summer Schedule will begin on Monday 8th of May. For more infromation about our schedules,...
    ANNOUNCEMENT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We would like to inform our passengers that:  • 14-04-2017 Good...
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    Why use the Intercity Buses?

    I use the buses for most of my intercity trasport because there are freguent refular and ontime routes 7 days
    a week all year round traveling in comfort, safety and low prices.
    Smart and flexible service

    > Regular routes to all free cities of Cyprus from
    morning until late

    > Available soon Wifi network to all our

    > Helpful and profesional drivers

    > 20 new buses

    > Office suport
    Benefits in numbers
    Traveling with your car the route Nicosia
    to Limassol for one month costs:

    > €350 fuel, > €3 parking,
    > €50 damage, > κούραση

    Traveling by our bus for the route Nicosia
    to Limassol for one month costs:

    > €100 ticket, unlimited route
    > €0 parking > €0 damage
    > ξεκούραστα
      50 Buses   800.000 Travelers   40000
    Routes in a Year
      Fuel Savings


    New Buses

    20 new buses have come in order to upgrade the existing system of Intercity routes.

    What people say about the Intercity Buses of Cyprus

     Enjoy by thousands of regular customer from all over the world !!!
    I use the bus because it significantly reduces my daily expenses which saves on fuel and maintenance of my private vehicle.
    I use the bus because i am exempt from the problem of finding a parking space (parking) and the costs involved..
    I use the bus because it contributes to the reduction of the daily traffic jam is one of the major problems of our cities.
    Michael Andreas Maria Economou Marios Nicolaou
    Customer Customer Customer


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    4,  Kilkis, Kizis Court,
    Apt.101, 6015, Larnaca
        P.O.Box 40172, 6301 Larnaca
    Free Phone: 8000 77 89
    Tel: +357 24 643493
      Fax:+357 24 643492


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